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soul design group creates things. digital, identities, & graphics.

what's that?

digital is something you would find on your computer, or phone, or tablet. websites for example. not shit websites. we make good websites. identities are what visually represent you or your company. logos & such. & graphics. graphics can be many different things & sdg makes pretty graphics. ahem. functional, purposeful, & pretty graphics. but that's not all we do, commitment to creating & admiring great design that's the core of what goes on here at sdg, so whatever you have in mind let's have a talk about it & see where it goes.

soren stoen

I started sdg about 20 years ago as a name for the messenger bags, downhill pants, bits & bobs of bike hardware that I was making and have let it morph into many different fields in that time. after building my first website in 2000 and during my time at Central Saint Martins sdg evolved into the design direction that it is today. & I keep evolving with it. currently I am a logo enthusiast, lego enthusiast, collectore of notebooks, & retired mountain bike racer who cannot wheelie.

sjöfn stoen

as vp of catstomer service, sjöfn stoen makes sure that each project is coated in a fine layer of fur & hint of kitty breath. always willing to take charge & explore new territory, pushing boundaries while thinking outside the box, actually she does a lot of her thinking inside of boxes, but is always striving for excellence. unless she's sleepy. or hungry. or just doesn't feel like it.


creating a great presence is a fundamental component necessary to the vitality, longevity, & prosperity of any business. from ideation to launch, sdg will guide & craft your project until it meets it's full potential.

how sdg works

Free 1hr Consultation— in person, online, or by phone.
tell us your design needs. & your favorite potato chip flavor.

Proposal + Budget
select your project milestones, deliverables, & choose from hourly or set payments. we are flexible, & we work with you. unless otherwise negotiated, all work requires a retainer.

Research + Initial Studies
once your needs are finalized, it is time to develop the senses, discover what will drive it & identify solutions that best fit the needs of the project.
research / identify message / strategy + visual development / wireframe

Design + Development
we create all our work from scratch, no templates here, & we do all the programming in-house as well. each site is fast loading & optimized for all search engines. & if you need a web hosting company, we help you select one.
design / develop / typography / color explorations

Review + Launch
tell us what you think, & we will make the necessary changes. once it is perfect, the site is ready to launch & enjoy.
test / refine / send off to the world

combine form & function

each & every sdg site is custom, unique, & individually tailored to meet your needs & requirements.

  • website design
  • website development
  • mobile content
  • branded social media
reach beyond usual

combining identity & product into a visual container can be tricky. not for sdg. sdg thrives at uniting imagery & typography.

  • art direction
  • collateral
  • environmental
  • posters
  • book/lets
  • editorial
  • package design
focus on the big picture

before we design, we research, define, & develop. once all are satisfied, sdg creates lasting & memorable brands.

  • identity
  • advertising
  • communications
  • style guides


we are available to meet, work — or just kick back on a nice sunny afternoon. drop us a line and let us know what you are thinking, any questions you may have, or send us your favorite potato chip flavor.
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